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After we receive your cleaning, an experienced My Online Cleaner team member tags all of your items and creates an itemized list that is sent to your e-mail account for your review. However, you also have the option to itemize during the order process. When an item needs special attention, you can enter specific information about your item and describe what matters to you most—our team will ensure it is treated appropriately.


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Cleaning Services & More

All of your other laundry needs can be done with our wash & fold service. Our seasoned professionals sort your whites, colors, and darks and then clean your laundry in our technologically advanced machines that save in energy usage and waste less water. Your clothes come back to you neatly folded and ready to transfer to your drawer every time. Learn more about the programs we have in place to help offset each pound of CO2 your laundry produces and how we help provide water to those who really need it.

We know that putting on a crisp, fresh shirt is the start to a great day. Our service guarantees a fresh, clean shirt with a crisp collar and cuffs every time. Using the same Five Points Process as in our dry cleaning service ensures that your shirts will last longer, come out brighter, and help portray the professional image you deserve. Each shirt is hand finished and hung or folded and boxed.

Your clothes will enjoy our Five Points Process. It guarantees that all of your items will get the attention they deserve. Our highly skilled craftsmen read each care label to ensure that your clothes are handled as the manufacturer intended. Consider it a spa treatment for clothes. Did we mention that we are 100% PERC free?

My Online Cleaner also handles all of your special laundry needs. At your request we apply the same principles to your drapes, bed linens, and table linens. These items are large and sometimes have ornate or intricate details that need special handling from one of our specialty departments.

*Pricing & turnaround may differ and these services are subject to availability

Your shoes are the foundation to your wardrobe. My Online Cleaner offers premium shoe services whether you need a basic shine, a thorough cleaning, or your heels replaced. Our master cobblers will share the same pride and dedication with your shoes that we do with your laundry.

You can expect My Fresh Shirt’s Expert Tailors to handle all of your alteration needs with the same level of quality and convenience. Our experts will hem, replace zippers, take in waists, or even patch up that hole in your favorite item. You can either order it specifically through our order page, or leave a note in your bag to let us know what needs to be done.


We offer two levels of servce to meet all of your cleaning needs.



My Online Cleaner offers a premium service to meet the challenges of working with items that are more delicate, require special attention, or are of greater value (whether it be monetary or sentimental). Our premium service goes through a seven stage process by skilled craftsman that will achieve the best possible results while making sure that we protect and help prolong the life of your special garments. Each item is carefully inspected by hand and every attention to detail is carried out. In addition, because premium items tend to be more expensive items, we have added additional coverage to insure that we remain accountable. (7 Pt PROCESS)

Standard Fresh Service(formerly OUR CLEANING SERVICES)

In the Standard cleaning service at My Online Cleaner each item passes through at least five stages before final inspection. We use skilled craftsmen at every stage to achieve the best possible results…At My Online Cleaner we pride ourselves on providing the convenience of hand valet services with the most progressive techniques in fabric care. Our personal attention to detail guarantees that your clothes will achieve the best possible results through our dry cleaning and laundering services

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