My Online Cleaner | Spring Street Dermatology

My Online Cleaner, trusted dry cleaning and laundry service provider for local businesses.

My Online Cleaner is the proud dry cleaning and laundry service provider for Spring Street Dermatology since 2014!

Established in 2008, My Online Cleaner has been trusted by NYC and NJ businesses for reliable dry cleaning and laundry service.  Our daily pick up and delivery scheduling allow you to focus on the business at hand, not the minutia of organizing dry cleaning and laundry.

My Online Cleaner can organize pick up and delivery times for your business on a recurring schedule, or simply place orders as needed.  Orders can be placed in mere seconds through our website or mobile apps.  Our Customer Service is available 7 days per week and is considered the best in the business.

All first time customers received $25 OFF orders over $50… Additional savings between 15-30% on future orders with the purchase of our Fresh Cash credits.

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