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Eco Points = Fresh Cash = Credit for Cleaning

Eco Points = Fresh Cash = Credit for Cleaning

At My Online Cleaner, we are committed to making the environmentally-friendly choices— and we want to reward you for making these choices, too. Earn points through a variety of environmentally-friendly actions, redeem your points for Fresh Cash to use toward your cleaning order—once you have earned 500 Eco-Points, you are eligible to redeem them for Fresh Cash.


10 Eco-Points = $1 Fresh Cash. Redeem your Eco-Points in increments of 500 for Fresh Cash to be applied to your order.

500 Eco-Points = $50 Fresh Cash
1000 Eco-Points = $100 Fresh Cash
2000 Eco-Points = $200 Fresh Cash
5000 Eco-Points = $500 Fresh Cash

Earning Eco Points is Easy

8 Ways to Earn Points & Save Money

1. Recycle old hangers and poly bags = 25 pts

2. Buy reusable garment bag or laundry bags = 50 pts

3. Schedule a “Schedule a “Green Leaf” pickup AND delivery= 50 pts

4. Sign up for recurring service, after 4 orders, earn 100 pts

5. Donate old clothes = 25 pts

6. Donate canned goods = 25 pts

7. Participate in our customer satisfaction survey = 50 pts

Green Leaf Pickup & Delivery

It’s Convenient—Everyone Benefits

Our Green Leaf Service makes it easy for you to schedule your pick-up and delivery during the same time window as your neighbor. Scheduling your service in these windows helps us minimize our carbon emission levels by eliminating wasteful trips to and from our facility. When you schedule your pick-up or delivery during these highlighted times, you will receive valuable eco-logic points.

Look for
Green Leaf

It’s easy to
save with
Fresh Cash

Our updated Savings Level Credit incentive program offers Fresh Cash for purchase in discounted bundles. Each Fresh Cash dollar is the equivalent of a regular dollar towards your order. Easy to save, convenient to use.

1. Level 1: Save 15% ($15)
$85 purchase = $100 Fresh Cash Credit

2. Level 2: Save 20% ($50)
$200 purchase = $250 Fresh Cash Credit

3. Level 3: Save 25% ($125)
$375 purchase = $500 Fresh Cash Credit

4. Level 4: Save 30% ($300)
$700 purchase = $1000 Fresh Cash Credit

4. Level 5: Save 33% ($125)
$975 purchase = $1500 Fresh Cash Credit.

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