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We take the chore out of doing laundry.

When you register with us, you will receive special bags specific to your laundry needs. For Dry Cleaning, we use a convertible and reusable dry cleaning bag that doubles as a garment bag—perfect for travelling, Wash and Fold items will have a separate bag specific to those cleaning items. Our bags are identified with a discreet barcode in the corner that will identify you as a customer. No more waiting in lines, less waste, and better handling of your clothes.


With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to fresh, clean laundry. We make our process easy so you can get back to more important things.

Cleaning Services & More


1. Create your account, build your order, and schedule your convenient pick up & delivery on the day of your choice, and within a two hour time window that works best for you.

2. Place your items in a reusable MY ONLINE CLEANER Laundry or convertible Dry Cleaning/Garment bag (convertible bag is to be used for laundered shirts and dry clean only), we will bring you one with your first order.

3. A My Online Cleaner Team Member will arrive promptly to pick up your clothes.

After we receive your clothes, an experienced My Online Cleaner team member tags all of your items and creates an itemized list that is sent to your e-mail account for your review. Once your items are cleaned, they will be immediately returned to your designated delivery location at your selected time.


Our ordering process is set up to be as straightforward and flexible as possible. We give you the option to click and go with the standard service—or customize each service needed exactly to your specifications.

Once you have one of our Wash and Fold, Laundry and Dry Cleaning bags, you can simply choose your services and schedule a timeslot. Our new QuickOrder feature enables 1-click ordering for more convenience.

One of our experienced professionals will go through each bag, read each care label, and make sure your items are taken care of the way they should be.

Choose to itemize when starting a new order if you prefer to give us specific instructions regarding an item to be cleaned—for example, a stain or area that needs attention, delicate fabrics, or any other handling request.The itemized screens enable you to enter specific information about your item and describe what matters to you most.


Once you start an order, you can customize your preferences and save them to your account profile.



We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best in quality, service and convenience. We prefer that you get your laundry and dry cleaning done the way that you want. Under your Account settings, set your PREFERENCES regarding starch, QuickOrder settings, recurring delivery service, Fresh Cash rewards and more. Undecided? No problem. You can change the presets at anytime.


The Quick Order button on your dashboard enables you to complete an order with the click of a button by taking you to right to the Order Summary for confirmation. By default the order will prepopulate with services from your most recent order. However, in the Preferences you can specify services as desired.


Recurring service enables you to set a recurring order. The days of the week and times will be based on the your current order settings, you set the frequency according to your needs.


We have simplified our Eco-point Reward System to make it even easier for you to reap the benefits of continued service and environmentally sound choices. Take advantage of the new opportunity to purchase Savings Level Credits at a discount with Fresh Cash. Read more here.

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